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Most of us want our romantic relationships to run smoothly, harmoniously and be long lasting. However, most of us do not take the time to reflect and evaluate how the relationship is progressing, and if we are doing things that are going to lead to the breakdown of the relationship.

Here are some actions that may lead to your relationship failing.

POSSESSIVENESS – We may think that being possessive is a sign that we love the person dearly, but in most cases possessiveness may lead to the other partner trying to get away from the feeling that you are trying to stifle him or her.

DEMANDS – One thing that can wreck a relationship is a situation where a partner makes unconscionable demands on the other partner. Not only are the demands made, they are expected to be met come hell or high water. Making unnecessary demands can lead to an irreversible breakdown of the relationship as the other party may find it physically and emotionally draining.

RESPECT – For relationships to thrive, the parties in the relationship must have a healthy respect for one other. Where one partner looks at the other as beneath them or not up to their standard, wahala de. It is a sure recipe for a breakdown in a relationship. Respect for each other as a person, and respect for each other’s opinion is very important. You can agree to disagree in mutual respect.

DESPERATION – Couples in a relationship should let the relationship go with the flow. Honesty should be what any relationship is anchored on. If a couple are honest with each other, there will be no need for a partner to act as if he or she is desperate to make the relationship move forward. Desperate actions such as moves to try to trap someone into a marriage may scare off the other partner. No one should act desperately in a relationship. Que Sera Sera. What will be will be.

SELFISHNESS – Relationships cannot thrive on selfishness. Couples must care genuinely for each other for love to grow. Empathy is very important in any relationship. Couples should have empathy towards one another. Selfishness is a no-no.

IMMATURITY – Love, relationship and marriage do not go well when any of the partners acts immaturely. No one wants to baby or mother anybody because they are not mature in their thoughts and actions. Immature acts and behaviours kill off any relationship.

FLIRTING – When in a serious relationship, be sure to avoid being a flirt. You may find flirting fun and may not mean any harm in being flirtatious. However, when your partner considers that you are both in a serious relationship, he or she will not take kindly to it and take my word, flirting is a deal breaker for most relationships.

LACK OF HUMILITY – Arrogance and a lack of humility on the part of either partner does not make for a smooth relationship. Couples should avoid being arrogant towards each other. Humility should be the watchword in relationships with no air of superiority or inferiority as you relate to one another.

GROOMING AND APPEARANCE – Men and women should really take time to look after their personal appearance. Do look after yourself and don’t take your personal well-being for granted. An Igbo proverb says that when you do not take care of your good looks, it will fade away. Individuals in a relationship should make sure they take good care of their looks and health, with encouragement from the other partner. Neglecting your appearance can affect a relationship.

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