R&DG’s Summer17 Catalogue Review.

Summer might be behind us now but let’s delve back into the past to reminisce on those ensembles which brought this year’s summer to life. This year’s summer catalogue saw an eclectic array of ensembles that expressed our protean nature being able to portray the relaxed sophisticat, the rugged lad as well as get our hands dirty with some gardening with our Riviera, Young Rebel and Gardening/Garden party ensembles respectively with each look unique, no one resemble. That’s enough preambles. Here are our memorable ensembles;

(June) The Riviera Ensemble: Inspired by the calmness and leisure ambiance of the French Riviera renowned for enthralling maritime architecture; sandy beaches and clear seas. A prime holiday destination and apposite place to display a style that resonate its quintessential qualities. The Riviera ensemble is your casual yet stylish look for the beach showing off our repertoire of tricks from colour coding to accessorizing. Photo credit: Mary Olan (The Philippines)

(July) The Young Rebel Ensemble: We’re ubiquitously known as the debonair gentleman but debonair simply means one who is stylish; confident and charming not necessarily specifying how and with this ensemble we gave you another outlook on the meaning of debonair for here standing in the Young Rebel, is a lad who personifies all three hallmarks of a debonair gent albeit in an unorthodox nature. Personally, this is my best ensemble of the summer for it reveals my protean nature to comfortably portray both classy as well as contemporary street styles. Photo Credit: Marianne Olalaye (British Nigerian)

(August) The Gent’s Gardening/Garden Party Ensemble: In the month of August we revisited our sophisticated nature with this ensemble which shown resplendently bright cladded in all white with its cufflink Chinese collar shirt that was garnished with the subtle touch of carefully selected accessories such as the burgundy ascot knotted in a manner akin to those worn by men in hassiendas and a Panama hat, both of which gave the ensemble a Latin America flavour worthy of any garden related endeavour. Photo Credit: Alberto Micheletti (Italian).

There you have it our summer 17 catalogue review. So please do let us know which is your best ensemble of this year’s summer? Equally watch out for our Ember Gent Ensemble coming soon. P.C: Ifro Thomas (British Nigerian)


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