Prize Of Frozen Foods Rise In The Market


Nigerians are really worried at the price of frozen foods is now hiked up in the local markets. Although many are still not aware of the reason behind the sudden change, it is however worthy of note that the Government has enforced a ban of frozen foods like turkey and chicken which the Nigeria Customs Service flagged off since July 7, 2015.

The ban has led to a 35 per cent increase in prizes of the earlier mentioned items.

Before now, a kilo of Turkey sells for N750 at local markets now sells for N1,050 , while a kilo of chicken which was N650 now sells for N1,050. A carton of turkey which was sold for N7,500 now goes for N11,000 while, a carton of chicken which was N6,500 is now N9,500.

The latest development has thrown many Nigerian families into chaos especially in this long holiday period.

Is this the change we expected?

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