Private Dairy Content Incites Murder


A young girl, Kimeera Rajbunsi, is now with her maker because her jealous boyfriend read an entry in her carelessly-kept private dairy which made him momentarily mad, losing all control.

Knocking her down with a frying pan, the demented boyfriend, Sholin Bissoon, 21, stabbed her several times in the chest with a sharp kitchen instrument at her home in Forestwood Gardens, Phoenix.

He then dumped her lifeless body in a pond in a secluded area near Mount Edgecombe in Durban, South Africa.

Bissoon had fallen deeply in love with Kimeera, 17, during their school days at Woodview Secondary in 2010, but from the discovery in her dairy she had only been infatuated with Bissoon, who could not handle their eventual breakup.

Bissoon who pleaded guilty in the Durban High Court just before Christmas to murdering his teenage girlfriend while experiencing an “emotional explosion” on March 3, 2014, gave the court a written guilty plea which explained how the emotional explosion came about.  

Bissoon said in his plea: “After I completed matric and while the deceased was still at school, we became lovers. From 2011 we were inseparable. From early 2013, I noticed a slight change in her and she was becoming distant. Despite this, I loved her unconditionally. I visited her almost daily, spending several hours in her company. I was treated like a member of the family.

“From October 2013 until late December our relationship was punctuated by petty fights. She behaved abnormally. I believed this was because of the depression she suffered.

“Our relationship ended in January 2014, when she told me she wanted some space. All communication between us stopped. She deleted me (on) BBM. In February she contacted me and we decided to spend time together for Shivaratri (Hindu holy day).

‘On the morning of the incident, we had a heated exchange about Kimeera communicating with another male known as Dullon. 

“I went inside the house. We hugged each other and began speaking in general. I found her private diary and read part of the contents thereof. This triggered off an emotional explosion. I cannot remember precisely what happened thereafter. I struck her with a frying pan and stabbed her several times in her chest with a sharp instrument in the kitchen.  

“Everything happened in a blur. After I read that while going out with me, ‘she had true feelings for somebody else’. My conduct subsequent to what happened in the kitchen was driven by panic and fear. I loaded her body into my father’s vehicle and drove to a secluded area near Mount Edgecombe and dumped her body in a pond.

“I then fetched my mom and went to the Phoenix Plaza. On March 5, I surrendered myself to the Phoenix police station. I did the pointing out freely and voluntarily, showing the police where the deceased’s body was.”

Judge Shyam Gyanda expressed satisfaction with the contents of the plea, which was accepted by the court, and adjourned the matter to April 2015 for sentencing.

Kimeera’s sister, Ashmika, told reporters later that although the family were happy with the guilty plea, they would wait for sentencing before finding closure.

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