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President Jonathan’s Media Chat: Hit or Miss?


Last night President Jonathan held his sixth presidential media chat.

The President was interviewed by a panel including   Grace Ekpo of Wazobia FM Abuja, Goodluck Nnaji of Base Fm Oraifite in Anambra state, Bolaji Tunji of New Telegraph, and Imoni Amarere of AIT. 

What we learned:

  • The Cententary celebrations: 100 awards will be given out to 100 people across various sectors including, sports, academics, pioneering efforts etc. The President said the celebration 
  • National Conference: Due to take place shortly after the centenary, the President said the conference  will not discuss the disintegration of Nigeria. “Nigeria will not disintegrate,” he said. “We are not saying without the National Conference, Nigeria will break. ” 
  • 2015: The President would not directly answer on whether he will contest in 2015, saying that when the time is right Nigerians will know. 
  • Sanusi’s suspension: The President argued he has the ‘absolute power’ to suspend the governor. As it stands Sanusi is still the governor of the CBN as he has not been removed from his post, but suspended. He went on to say Sanusi would only be prosecuted if clear fraud is established against him which will be determined via an investigation by the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria. When asked about the alleged missing $120 bn he said he was ‘alarmed’ by the figure and said due process must be followed.
  • Kerosene subsidy:  The President denied removing the subsidy on kerosene.
  • Boko Haram: “It is quite worrisome,” the President said of the Boko Haram killings. “Surely we’ll get over it.” He added that terror fighting across the world was a difficult task but that he had confidence in the strength of the military.
  • Power: The President said that the power situation will improve but is currently suffering as a result of ‘sabotage.’

Many people in the Twittersphere were unsatisfied with the chat, arguing the journalists avoided asking some of the more important questions.  What would you have liked to see the President asked? Check out the gallery for some Twitter insights. 

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