President Goodluck Jonathan declares tomorrow


The president Goodluck Jonathan has decided to declare his second term bid tomorrow to contest the 2015 presidential election at the Eagle Square, Abuja, where over 2,000 groups, civil society organisations, supporters and admirers from all over the country are expected to participate.

Consequently, the PRESIDENT has launched his battle cry, “Nigerians First, Nigerians Always,” which he hopes to use to convince the people, as he bids to win a second term in office.

Chairman of the media sub-committee of the presidential declaration committee, Senator Aniete Okon, announced at a press conference in Abuja, on Sunday, that the president decided on the campaign slogan to demonstrate his compelling commitment to meet the expectations of Nigerians.

On Tuesday, for his decision and determination to the seek the mandate of Nigerians to serve them for a further four years, over 2,000 groups, including his party, the PDP stakeholders, women groups and civil society groups will be attending this epoch.

“For us, it is a momentous occasion that will be encrypted permanently in the annals of history of the evolution of good governance for the people of this country.

“We will take this opportunity to declare the main message of this event, which will form the compelling force for the drive towards meeting the expectations of Nigerians of all segments of our society.

“That is why you have been inundated with a new slogan, Nigerians First, Nigerians Always.

“That is the battle cry of the PDP administration and the president as we go forward to seek the mandate of Nigerians,” he said.

He explained that Jonathan wanted to use his second term in office to eradicate poverty and raise the living standards of Nigerians, adding that “there will be a re-dedicated and rejuvenated government in May 29 for an egalitarian society.”

Senator Okon said all arrangements were being made to ensure that the inconvenience Nigerians would experience tomorrow would be minimised.

He also said government would not be putting any money into the cost of organising the event, as the president had reached out to some of his friends who had volunteered to bankroll it.

On why Jonathan is declaring to contest when the fate of the over 200 Chibok schoolgirls in custody of Boko Haram is still unknown, he wondered whether government had to wait for the release of the girls before renewing its mandate.

“There is an ongoing effort to rescue the girls. If there is a window to rescue them, it will be exploited,” Okon stated.

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