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Police Hunt For Fleeing Ruling PF Cadres in Zambia


The Police in Zambia have launched a manhunt for three SUSPECTED ruling Patriotic Front cadres who on Sunday night allegedly beat up and stabbed to death a United Party National Development sympathizer in Lusaka’s Mtendere East.

The deceased Grayzer Matapa reportedly whispered the names of his assailants to his neighbour just before he succumbed to his wounds.

A check at the house of mourning found people mobilizing in an attempt to apprehend the attackers of the deceased, whom he reportedly named just before he died at his neighbour’s doorstep.

Grayzer who sustained a deep cut in the head and several knife wounds all over his body was with his barman, simply identified Paul, who managed to escape to narrate the incident to the Grayzer family.

A brother of Grayzer, Douglas Matapa, said his brother was “an active politician who, during his time in MMD, acquired a lot of land which is suspected to have attracted enemies for him.”

He said Grayzer was attacked near Kalikiliki market with his barman Paul currently in Police protective custody.

“My brother’s attackers dumped his brother near his home while he was still alive.

“He managed to crawl to the neighbour’s house where he managed to get their attention from his cries. The neighbour heard his cries and when they came out, he told them he had been attacked by Moze, Barnabas and Phiri.

“My brother used to be in MMD and he headed the security youth wing but during this [January] election, he defected to UPND where he was party mobilizer. He had a lot of plots which he used to sell to many locals and even the shopping complex, the Berlin complex, that was his.

“Grayzer also had about three bars but after Edgar [Lungu] won the election, these PF supporters descended on his shops and bars. They also destroyed his vehicles and a lot of merchandise. He reported to the police but nothing was done”, Matapa recounted.

Police officers at Kalikiliki confirmed the incident, but said the matter was now being handled by Woodlands Police and the service headquarters.

They said no arrests had been made as all suspects are still on the run. END

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