Pen and Paper (Poem) by Cmex D Poet


In the past it was said that the feather is mightier than the sword but today the feather has been replaced by the pen because from it powerful words emerge like an indomitable lion emanating from his formidable den. From time immemorial it has been used to nurture the ideas of thinkers and just like a mother hen it remains ever patient amidst the worst of writer’s block, never asking you when? The instrument might be small but in the grand scheme of things it is far bigger than Ben as it has been used to sign cheques with far more zeroes than ten.

Yet the pen is nothing without paper, for onto it ideas dot flow and like a reservoir; on it they are preserved. No wonder on them memories are written, life’s tales of when one was smitten or taken a beating. When writing of paper your ideas never taper, never diminish. Thus letting the world know that mankind’s creativity is far from finished. So with this poem I leave you admonished and with rhyming words I have it embellished so that it may be memorable and cherished.

Pen and paper is a partnership that goes so well like bread and butter but taste far much sweeter.
Cmex d Poet

Photo Credit: Marianne Olalaye

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