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Patient Tricks Nurse For Opportunity For Suicide


An apparently depressed patient at Addington Hospital, Durban, South Africa decides to commit suicide to end it all but sees no opportunity.

She ponders the issue for a moment, and hits upon a brilliant ploy to pretend she wanted to call a certain gentleman somewhere in town.

As a nurse leads her to where she could make the call, the patient out wits the nurse, runs to a nearby sluice room, pushes the window blades and jumps to her death three floors below.

 “Police are investigating this very unfortunate tragedy and there is limited information that can be released pending the outcome of their investigations.

“However, I can confirm that she was a South African citizen who was allegedly living with her boyfriend in the inner city and was brought to the hospital by ambulance with a fractured ankle and injury to her abdomen

 “The patient insisted she wanted to make a call to a certain gentleman. As the nursing sister accompanied her to the duty room to make the call, the patient ran to the nearby sluice room where she then pushed the window pane and jumped”, disclosed Dr Sibongile Zungu, Head of KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health. 

Based on reports that suicide rates in South Africa have risen by 48 percent over the past 10 years – particularly over failed relationships – Dr Zungu appealed to the public to “become more vigilant” when interacting with friends or colleagues.

“South Africa has the eighth highest rate of suicide in the world, according to the South African Federation for Mental Health. These growing stats cannot be ignored,” she said.

“Survey after survey indicates that more South Africans are struggling to cope with their lives and this is a desperate call for us as civil society and government to step in and reaffirm our ubuntu values and commitment as a caring society,” she said. 

“As a department we want anyone who feels overwhelmed to know help is available. There is always a way and we have skilled counsellors and health workers who are available 24 hours a day to provide advice and counselling to those in need.

“Our country is also fortunate to have many organisations in all areas that are on hand to provide a guiding hand, a listening ear and a way forward to ease the burden people of all ages often face in life.”

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