“You Are An Overrated Film Maker” – Movie Director, Ifeanyi Ikpoeyin Tells Kunle Afolayan


Notable and respected Nollywood movie director, Ifeanyi Ikpoeyin popularly known as Mr. Hollywood has responded to his Yoruba colleague, Kunle Afolayan’s comment on the Igbos. Although Kunle Afolayan has tried to deny his comment, stating that his tweets were directed to pirates alone, popular opinions suggested that he, Kunle is a racist and is used to making derogatory comments about his Igbo counterparts in Nollywood. Ikpoeyin is his statement a few minutes ago called Kunle Afolayan an overrated film maker…read it below…

I almost ignored Kunle Afolayan’s useless tweets about Igbos being the only Pirates in Nigeria because to me, Kunle is just an over rated Nollywood film maker. He’s not better than IZU OJUKWU, TECO BENSON IFEANYI IKPOENYI, OBI EMELONYE (the producer and director of LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA), CHINEZE (the producer and director of IJE) to mention but a few. The secret of Kunle is his DOP Yinka Davies who does everything for him and at the end of the day Kunle will just come and announce “ACTION”… Give him another local DOP and see if Kunle is worth all the praises his kinsmen showers on him.

Kunle should thank Peace Anyiam Osigwe for giving him the platform of AMAA as a pedestal to limelight. Trust me, if Kunle walks the street of Onitsha, Aba, Enugu or any where outside yoruba land, not even one person will recognize him as a celebrity. I will rather worry myself with the Oba’s threat to Ndi igbo than spend one second of my time thinking about Kunle’s senseless tweets about the Igbos.

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