Odunlade Denies Romance with Fathia Balogun


Well loved actor, Odunlade Adekola has clearly debunked the widespread rumour that he was having a secret romance with delectable actress, Fathia Balogun.
The  father of three children had strong words for rumour mongers. ‎

“Sister Fathia and I, how, why, for what? I don’t know why some people or rather, some untrained journalists in Nigeria would wake up one day, and cook up false news about you all because they want to sell their paper or be the first to break the news. I consider whosoever wrote the fallacy as a mad man/woman. I have been busy all this while with my job and none of them could write about it or my career but all they remember to do is to rail me with bad tales. There is nothing between me and Sister Fathia. She is a great actress to be with when you are on set, a fact which I respect. People should disabuse their dirty minds about me, I am not the type.”

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