Not Every Girl Wants To Get Married – Yemi Alade


Yemi Alade is the cover star of Pride Magazine’s Celebration Edition 2016. Here is excerpts from the interview.

On the biggest misconception about her
The biggest misconception so far would be that I’m a mobile human bank (laughs). No, I think I’m a mobile human ATM, you just press some buttons and money just comes out like that. It’s crazy because even when your status changes, your standard of living would change, which means that they’ll be more bills, more debts and even when your career continues to rise and you start increasing your bars they’ll be more salaries to be paid, etc… when you try to expand. So there’s so much money going back into the business itself, and it’s a very capital intensive one. So there is hardly so much money to actually use and ‘flenjor’, most of the money goes into work. But people just think that they can’t dash me 5k again, if you give me, I’ll collect, I’ll be very grateful. I can’t remember when last anybody gave me money, like just take. But it’s all good; I thank God for using me to bless others as well.

On what makes her happy
Oh, food makes me happy that’s for sure, and money in my account makes me happy, I like to see the zeros pile up, oh thank you Jesus! What makes me smile? Also when I go to different countries despite all my camouflaging, trying to make sure that I keep a low profile, then people would spot me out and start telling me sweet things, it’s amazing. Recently I saw a video on Instagram of a girl with her boyfriend and they actually created a routine to my song Johnny and turns out this girl is in her fourth stage of cancer and she’s battling it and the doctors had already told her that in 2013 she was going to die, but she’s still alive, she’s been using traditional methods to sustain herself and she’s alive, she’s bubbly and if you check her Instagram you would not believe that she actually has cancer, she’s so inspiring. God bless her

And more food
Well, I love Egusi, I love Uha. Those are definitely Yoruba and Igbo meals. But other than that, I love edikaikong, I just love it. I love vegetables.

About Marriage
Every girl who wants to get married should get married. Not every girl wants to get married in case you guys don’t know. Marriage is an institution meant for those who are ready. Some people are not ready, some people cannot stand the heat, and I personally think that you should go for what makes you happy not what makes society happy. So not every girl should get married; only the girls that want to get married should get married.

And Johnny
No, Mr. Johnny hasn’t been found. That guy is lost, probably forever, I don’t know, let’s just stay hopeful.

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