Nkrumah Missing Fulcrum for Ghana’s Development


A medical practitioner has hinted at a reason why Ghana is currently going through economic woes.

Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, former Director General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), has said Ghana’s current economic woes could have been averted if the country had not neglected Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s ideas and policies after his overthrow in 1966.

Speaking in a radio interview in Accra, Prof. Akosa said Dr. Nkrumah was not only president for Ghana, but stood for Africa as a whole.

He said there is also the need to reverse the Ghanaian attitude of “No love” for the country, adding, “Ghana is the only country we have, and God has a reason for not creating us as Europeans or Latinos.”

Prof. Akorsa noted with concern that over the years efforts at fighting corruption have yielded very little results because, most of the ministers have no consideration for fellow humans.

He said the law enforcement agencies in the country are weak to investigate white-collar crimes such as corruption and fraud.

“This has led to the increasing corruption cases in the system since everybody can get away with corruption without any proper investigations; most people have amassed wealth when they have not even worked hard to earn it and no institution has gathered the courage to investigate such people”.

He recalled that even on the eve of independence, some key politicians absented themselves just because Dr Kwame Nkrumah led the crusade for independence, adding: “such an attitude has thrived from the independence era till now, which needs to be reversed for the sake of progress.”

He appealed to the youth to remain patriotic and commit themselves to nation-building, by possessing values of discipline and good morals to help promote national unity and cohesion.

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