New Year. New Beginnings. New Style.


There’s something about the New Year and clean slates or dramatic changes. Perhaps it’s the word ‘new’ accompanying the word ‘year’ that gives a sense of wanting to start over. While the feeling is entirely legitimate, and sometimes all that’s needed is a fresh start, starting over isn’t always easy-peasy. Nonetheless, for the love of fashion, we’d cross seven seas and go over seven mountains if need be. But you don’t need to, we’ve got you!

These tips should help you kick off the new year with your style game strong.

Find your style and stick to it

First and foremost, discover your personal style. This guarantees you not just a functional wardrobe, but one you love also. Thanks to social media, especially Instagram, finding your personal style isn’t daunting anymore.

  • Find your style lookalike. Prior to social media, we basically had just celebrities to look up to as style-influencers, and although that served its purpose, we now have a broader playground of diverse fashionistas (all hail fashion bloggers!) to be influenced by.
  • Remain in your style lane. After figuring your personal style out, stick it to.

Draw up a purchase plan and weigh options

A drastic holistic overturn is not always feasible – well, except you speak the Linda Ikeji language too – so have a purchase plan.

  • Start with the basics. Building your style from scratch means you ought to start from the foundation up. So find basic classic pieces that suit your style, it could be a white or black tee, jeans…
  • Weigh your option. Don’t sweat it if you can’t afford a Chanel purse, there are cheaper thrift options of equally great quality, find them.

Declutter your wardrobe

To bring in the new, you have to get rid of the old. You can donate it to charity, hand down to friends and family, or sell off… just get rid of them.

Start with these and you’re sure to give Kim K a run for her money!

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