My Poetic Quest


With this poem I’ll like to make you feel right at home so stop searching for a place of relaxation on Google Chrome. Let its rhythm relax you and its rhymes massage you, as you rest on the front porch next to the garden Nome.
Each poem is unique to itself, none is a clone, not like those mass produced military drones. I’ll like you to forget your worries and put away your phones. Because poetic outbursts I’m often prone, which often happens when I feel left alone.
You’re my guest and it would please me to know that your heart is at rest. Sorry if I might sound like a bit of a pest but to entertain you is my ultimate quest. For by the time I’m done, you’ll feel like a newly hatched chick snuggled in an unwavering nest. You see when it comes to poetry; I’m always at my best. Please do remain blest.

Cmex D Poet.

Photo Credit: Chukwuemeka Anyiam-Osigwe

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