Music, Movies & More: Worst Movies of 2014!!!


Welcome to 2015 and we wish you an amazing new year ahead.

Well, the movies on our radar today, surely needed this prayer early in 2014… they are movies that failed woefully at the cinemas in 2014, all could not even gross globally the budgets used to make them. Not even BIG names like, Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Arnold Schwazenneger, et al, could save the movies. Some were so terrible that they made less than 10% of the budget spent making the movie. I am ashamed writing about this now. Why? Not when a movie like SONY’s “the interview” made a whopping $15 million USD online sales in just four days. Is online sale the future of movies? Events this new year will better answer this question, but for now…

Check out the list of the Worst Cinema movies of 2014, their budgets and global box office gross below:

  1. THE IDENTICAL: Budget of $32 million/Gross of $2.8 million.
  2. MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN: Budget of $16 million/Gross $1.71 million
  3. LEGEND OF OZ-DOROTHY’S RETURN: Budget of $85 million/Gross of $$18.6 million.
  4. WINTER’S TALE: Budget of $80 million/Gross of $27.4 million
  5. SABOTAGE: Budget of $55 million/Gross $18 million.
  6. SIN CITY-A DAME TO KILL FOR: Budget of $90 million/Gross 39.5 million.
  7. DRAFT DAY: Budget of $50 million/Gross $29.8 million.
  8. GET ON TOP: $55 million budget/Gross $32.4 million.
  9. VAMPIRE ACADEMY: $26 million/Gross $15.6 million.
  10. LEFT BEHIND: Budget of $27 million/Gross $19.7 million.
  11. THE LEGEND OF HERCULES: Budget of $80 million/Gross $57.7 million.
  12. TRANSCENDENCE: Budget of $135 million/Gross $103 million.
  13. I, FRANKENSTEIN: Budget of $90 million/Gross $71.52 million.

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