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Music, Movies & More: Believe, Even If You Can’t Decide When It’s Love or Something Like that!




Mumford and Sons


Two years ago when Mumford and Sons bassist, Ted Dwayne suffered aneurysm, fans didn’t know they’d have to wait this long for another song from the band – one of the best in this decade. Believe, though lacks ‘Banjo’ like most of their fans are complaining about the band is not just all about banjo and for me, I am proud they’ve shown how great they are at making music from all angles. Compare them to Coldplay, yes, but don’t take the awesomeness away from this song. The fact that ‘believe’ made Billboard’s hottest 100 (ranked 31) is worthy of praise. Marcus Mumford’s voice like Nigeria’s Simi is always worthy of praise anyday.


Da Suspekt ft. Li’l Kesh, HOD, Sinister, DKlone and Chuka Solace


It’s Da Suspekt again! He’s one of the weirdest in the Nigerian industry and anytime he drops a song there is always something about it. This time like he’s fond of doing, he didn’t do it all alone, featuring YBNL’s Li’l Kesh of the ‘Shoki’ fame and others. And like the lyrics goes “una no get mouth there!” I still have the song on replay with this smile not leaving my face. It’s very FRESH!!!




This movie for me is when you fuse Robocop and real fist into one and the same movie. The storyline is what we’ve seen before, but the writer’s ability to still make us watch an already overwatched movie into a new one is worthy of praise. It is about South African policing and robotic influence. Will it be okay for the world to go robotic policing? Don’t answer this question now, watch Chappie, and see what happens when a robot truly has the ability to grow up, think and feel for himself – sorry, itself.


love or something

There is always a ‘love’ past we all want to keep in the past, even when deep within us, we want the experience again and most times we want it to end differently from the way it ended the last time. This movie is the story of a beautiful young surgeon who is opportune to run into her ex-boyfriend. She is already a happily married woman with an amazing career. Now, things are beginning to turn upside down. Will she be able to survive this without losing anything or will her entire world end in chaos!

Watch this movie and you will learn more than a thing or two. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, but will she light a candle?

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