Man Pride Meets…Arthur Ngwube

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ES: What’s the first thing on your mind when you go on air?

AN: I have a good time. If you can’t enjoy what you’re doing, why do it in the first place? I just have a good time.

ES: Do you get hate mails?

AN: Yes. Plenty! People usually don’t agree with my point of view. I like to talk more about relationships because I think relationships are the fundamental building blocks of every society. Even before the family, it has to be the relationship. My views on relationship are usually old school, so when I come through with a lot of these opinions, a lot of women get upset. Sometimes the way they lash back at me are unexpected. So I just walk away from it. Other times some people may be having a bad day and the stance you are taking on a particular subject could come across as offensive and they would say anything to make you feel bad and it happens every single day. I am used to it, as my grandfather used to say “its only a tree that has fruits that you can throw stones at” so I don’t mind at all.

ES: Would you consider dating a fan?

AN: It depends on the type of fan. I hear people say that their spouse is their number one fan, but when it come to dating someone who I meet as a fan, I don’t think they can understand what it means to date someone in the public eye. For instance, I get most of my contacts at late-night events that don’t kick off till about 11pm and get to the grand stage by 1am. So how do you explain your lateness to someone who doesn’t understand your job? So I doubt if I can date a fan but you never can tell lets see what happens.

ES: If Hollywood decided to make a movie about your life, whom would you pick to star as the lead?

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