Malicious Women Charged to Court


Two Liberian women who reported a man’s extra-marital affairs to his wife in the USA have now found themselves on the wrong side of the law

Marcia Allen and Ina Christensen have been charged before the Monrovia City Court with “criminal coercion” for damaging the marital relationship of a man named Momo Cyrus.

Ina, an employee of the Ministry of Gender and Development, and Marcia allegedly telephoned the wife of Cyrus, who lives in the United States of America, telling her that her husband is having an extra marital affair with another girl, in Monrovia.  

According to the case, the incident took place between September 3 and 9, in Monrovia.

This was after Cyrus’ wife had reportedly visited Liberia from the United States of America, following a telephone conversation between her and the accused.

The state alleges that the women’s malicious conduct contributed to the loss of affection in Momo’s marriage, for which he must compensated with damages.

The malicious mouthing of Momo to his wife had allegedly gone on for months with the accused on numerous occasions advising Momo’s wife to leave the marital relationship.

They also informed her that they were instituting a lawsuit against Momo as a way of upholding the sanctity of the marriage vowed entered into by the family.

The state said the action of the two women had separated the family and also injured relationship between Cyrus and his children, who also lived in the USA.

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