Mad Woman Refuses To Release Newly-Born Baby


Tongues are wagging furiously in the Volta Region of Ghana as to who could have raped and impregnated a woman, said to be not totally there upstairs.

Believed to be a Nigerian called Kimmy Fuabode, she gave birth to her baby girl on the street of e-Xevi, a town in the Akatsi North District of Ghana.

Fearing for the safety of the little girl, onlookers attempted to take the baby away from her but she violently drove them away.

 Fuabode still refused to release the girl even when officers of the Department of Social Welfare approached her in the company of some police officers. She merely agreed to follow them to the Volta Regional Hospital without letting go of her daughter.

Madam Linda Quist, District Director of Social Welfare told journalists that she was informed about the incident and quickly moved in to rescue the “mother and child”.

She said they tried to take the baby from the madwoman because she was manhandling the child in an attempt to breastfeed her.

Madam Quist however said information from the Hospital indicated that the baby was doing well.

The Welfare Officer said though the woman is a stranger in the area, the Akatsi North District Assembly (local government) would not allow the baby and mother to “perish” on the streets.

She added that the Assembly is considering purchasing some toiletries and other personal effects for the woman before sending her to the psychiatric hospital.

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