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Living in Lagos: Survival of the Fittest?


We Lagosians are champs! If you can survive Lagos, you can survive whatever life throws at you. Let’s assume we all live for a hundred years and every day, we are stuck in traffic for at least four hours, we’d spend on an average; one hundred and forty six thousand hours of our lives stuck in traffic: driving like our very lives depend on it; screaming our heads off at the rough bus driver for trying to cut us off; cursing out the bus driver who doesn’t realize its human lives he’s toying with – and not that of goats; eating unhealthy snacks – amen to Gala and Lacasera; and probably wondering when it’s all going to end. Well when life throws you lemons, make yourself some Zobo. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, you can ‘try’ to make the best out of every Lagos traffic situation.

Stay hydrated. Fela was right; water has no enemy. Truthfully, the 8 glasses a day issue has been over-flogged so I won’t inflict any more injuries, but it is advisable to stay on top of your water drinking game especially if you’re bound to inhale fumes from rustic vehicles. And definitely resist the temptation to call the guy hawking sodas!

Productivity. You’re probably giving me the side eye… how on earth can anybody be productive in Lagos traffic? If you’re going to be spending that many hours in traffic every day, you might as well be productive. Attempt to work your brain. Everyone has goals or plans; it could be immediate or a little farther in time. Whatever it is, utilize the moment of stagnancy to reflect and you might be surprised with the ideas you generate.

Entertainment. They say we Lagosians like Owambe parties, let’s not disappoint them. This doesn’t mean you should throw a grandiose party in the middle of the highway; sharing food and drinks. No, it means the tech world has made everything easy, have a one man Owambe party. Plug in your earphones; listen to your choice playlist or watch the new music video you just downloaded online. Tune your radio to your favorite radio station or slip in the album of your favorite artist. Music is known to be the perfect calming drug.

Positivity. Take a moment to look at the person sitting next to you, or the driver you’re trying to struggle lanes with, on a scale of 1 – 10, how happy do they look? Look in the mirror, how happy do you look? Yes Lagos traffic is beyond frustrating and can drive even the insane to the brink of insanity, but if we know it’s inevitable, why do we let it get to us every time? You might require divine intervention, just stay positive.

Hope these few tips help you through every day spent on Lagos roads.

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