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LG’s door-in-door refrigerator berths in Nigeria


By Alex C

LG Electronics (LG) is introducing its latest side-by-side refrigerator into the Nigerian market, along with easier access and bigger capacity. At 31 cubic feet, LG’s biggest refrigerator offers consumers the ultra-convenient double layered door system; the Door-in-Door, and significantly more food storage space. LG’s proprietary Inverter Linear Compressor helps deliver efficient performance with outstanding energy savings.

“We are extremely proud to be launching this product, as it acts as an example of LG’s continuous hard work to satisfy its consumers’ needs and demands. The new LG refrigerator’s features such as the Door-in-Door and its larger capacity, especially caters for our Nigerian customers as entertaining house guests is a much loved custom in Nigerian society,” Hyunwoo Jung, general manager, home appliances division, LG Electronics West Africa operations said.

LG’s innovative Door-in-Door feature provides a smaller, auxiliary access point to a fresh storage compartment mounted on the main door’s rear side. As well as providing easier access to food and drinks consumers use more frequently, the Door-in-Door feature helps prevent cold air escaping when the entire fridge door is opened. Opening only a small section of the door also helps keep food inside fresher, while the inner compartment ensures that the fridge makes full use of all available space.

Better organisation is made possible with the adjustable moving basket feature, enabling users to easily adjust the height of the compartments according to their needs. Designed specifically to store more food at a time, the new 31cu.ft refrigerator is LG’s biggest to date.

The fridge’s interior space has significantly increased, helping users overcome any limitations they have experienced with smaller capacities. Moreover, the basket compartment in the door has increased to cater for one entire extra row of canned drinks, so consumers can enjoy more chilled drinks at a time.

Hygiene Fresh™ works like an air purifier in the fridge, meaning food can breathe in cleaner air and stay fresher for longer. As one of the first air purifying systems in refrigerators, made with ginseng extract and with an independent anti-bacterial, dehumidifying, deodorising fan exclusive to LG fridges, LG’s Hygiene Fresh™ reduces dust, fungi-spore, bacteria, and odour through its 4 step filtration of active hygiene care. Furthermore, the LG refrigerator sterilises 99.999 percent of bacteria inside the fridge and this is certified by the UK’s trusted quality and safety provider Intertek.

LG’s Linear Compressor technology enables its refrigerators to be industry leaders in energy savings, freshness, noise levels, capacity and durability. The Linear Compressor efficiently controls cooling power and reduces internal friction to achieve an A grade rating for energy consumption. Changing from reciprocal to piston drive means optimal efficiency and big energy savings.

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