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‘Leave Ihejirika Alone, Please!’ – Abia State Government


After toil comes rest, the Bible says.

Consequently the Abia State Government is pleading with those faceless people denying General Azubuike Ihejirika his deserved rest after a meritorious service to his fatherland to desist and let him be.

Reacting to allegation by the Council of Babalawos of Northern Nigeria that Gen Ihejirika, former Chief of Army Staff, is a “Boko Haram sponsor”, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, Chief Press Secretary to the Abia Governor, said “such grave accusation” should be backed with evidence which “up till now is lacking”. 

Condemning the allegation as “unfounded” Ajunwa called on those behind the allegation to “allow the former Chief of Army Staff retire peacefully after a meritorious service to his fatherland” and wondered why they did not raise the issue when he was still serving.
“Gen. Ihejirika is an accomplished military officer who did his best during his time to fight insurgency in the country. How (come) someone who was accused of being overzealous in crushing Boko Haram while in office now turn round overnight to become a sponsor of the same devilish group he was fighting”.
The statement re-stated that the former Chief of Army Staff remains an illustrious son of Abia who distinguished himself in office and gave the insurgents a good fight.

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