LDA, Maki Oh & Temple Muse Featured In Vogue India


By Emmanuel Sadi

The April 2014 Travel Issue of Vogue India features some of Nigeria’s very own fashion powerhouses:  Maki Oh, Lanre Da Sliva and luxury brand store Temple Muse.

They were featured in the ‘Vogue View’ section of the magazine, highlighting the unique ways in which the  brands standout. The April issue also features the sultry Indian actress Shraddha Kapoor in a sizzling bikini top.

Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi’s contrast colours, feminine 1940s sophistication and dedication to colourful African prints has won admiration all over Africa. The brand has been dominant force within the Nigerian fashion scene since her eponymous label debuted seven years ago, the brand has also made appearances at renowned international fashion shows

Amaka Osakwe of Maki Oh can lay claim to having clothed American First Lady, Michelle Obama and has been described as one of the brightest talents to come out of Africa. She is a strong believer in sustainability and tradition shown best by her use of the organic African dyeing process  Adire 

Temple Muse owned by brothers Avinash and Kabir Wadhwani is rated the destination gallery for luxury goods. Known to carry pieces from Nigerian designers as well as global brands, it offers its niche clientele designer fashion, accessories and homeware. 


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