Killer-South African Mum Left Off The Hook


A South African mother living in London has admitted suffocating her three young disabled children to death, including a pair of twin boys.

But by providence, she will not face trial for murder because the judge assigned the case has accepted the prosecutor’s submission that Tania Clarence could not be held responsible for the murder plea of her three kids.

Consequently Tania, 42, has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Olivia, 4, and three-year-old twins Ben and Max by diminished responsibility.

At a hearing at the Old Bailey in London, Judge Sweeney accepted her plea so she will no longer face a murder trial in the New Year.

“It is clear on the evidence Mrs. Clarence killed her three children because she wanted to end their suffering and at the time she committed the act she could not see any alternative or any other way out of their joint suffering,” said prosecutor Zoe Johnson QC.

Clarence, who was not in court, will be sentenced on November 14 when she is likely to face a hospital order.

She had attempted suicide after killing the children.

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