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Key Pointers You Need To Know Before Rocking Culottes


The ‘covetous’ I-must-have-it feeling certainly knows how to tug at our opulent senses when we see on the runway, or web-sphere, models in trendsetting – sometimes ready-to-wear, sometimes couture – pieces. Because we love clothes, duh! But also because they look so good on them it hurts not to have it. By that, we automatically presume ‘it’ll fit like gloves’ when worn and we’ll look picturesque, unfortunately that’s never always the case. We forget human silhouettes vary; there’s short, there’s tall, there’s plump, there’s skinny, there’s stout… and that sometimes certain trends just aren’t for us. This applies to the Culotte trend. Here are key pointers to help you know if you should steer clear or meet the trend head on.

Steer Clear Meet Head On
If you have short legs. If you have long legs.

If you are petite-framed.

If you are tall (not necessarily towering).
If you are on the plus size. If you are slim (but not anorexic-skinny).
If your hips don’t lie. If you have moderate size hips.
If you’re too stuck in the fitted pants era to give it up. If you don’t mind a bit of fashion flashback-futuristic adventure.

 Hopefully we are done with sore-sights of culottes on the wrong silhouettes.

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