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Journalist threatened with fetish curse


A Ghanaian Journalist is in danger of being cursed at a notorious fetish in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital.

A regional transport union leader, Opanyin Yaw Atua, is angry with Kojo Ansah, a reporter with The Heritage newspaper, for allegedly defaming him by reporting that he, Opanyin Atua, had impersonated being a chief during a visit to Eastern Regional Police Headquarters.

Kojo Ansah had reported that Opanyin Atua, chairman of a branch of the Ghana Private Road Transport Unit, had disguised himself as a chief and swindled the Eastern Regional Police Commander, DCOP Yaagy Akuriba, into transferring one of his subordinates from the district to headquarters.

Local GPRTU chairman Opanyin Atua had complained that the Akyem Tafo District Police Commander, ASP John Yeboah, was a bribe taker, following which the ASP was transferred, resulting in public agitations for his return.

However, Opanyin Atua counters that he went to the regional police headquarters merely dressed as a royal, accompanied by his aides, and not as a chief.  

“I’m a royal from the Kwahu Mpraeso Asona royal family. I dressed like a royal, not as a chief, to the regional police commander’s office with my men to lodge a complaint to the commander on behalf of the drivers and concerned people of Tafo. I didn’t go there in the name of the traditional council”, Opanyin Atua explained.

“I want Kojo Ansah to retract the story, pay GH¢500, a sheep and a bottle of schnapps to be used to cleanse the Kronti stool at Kwahu Mpraeso.

“The invocation of Antoa is the only means by which I can clear my name if the reporter fails to retract the story and apologise to me”, he insisted.

Indications are that Opanyin Atua has already bought six local eggs, schnapps and a sheep for the rituals to be performed in Kumasi if his demands were not met.

It is alleged that Opanyin Yaw Atua is well known for invoking the Antoa deity as a means of seeking justice, and has succeeded in causing the deaths of some individuals who offended him through that means.

Kojo Ansah had reported in Daily Heritage of Friday, August 15, 2014: “The Tafo Branch Chairman of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Yaw Atua, who disguised himself as the Krontihene of Kwahu Mpraeso and succeeded in deceiving the Eastern Regional Commander of the Ghana Police Service, DCOP Yaagy Akuriba, to cause the transfer of the Akyem Tafo District Police Commander, ASP John Yeboah, has been exposed.

“The fake chief, prior to embarking on the disguise mission, was under investigation for allegedly stealing GH¢6,000 left in a taxi by a passenger.”

“Following the request”, according to the reporter, “the Eastern Regional Police Commander moved the Akyem Tafo District Commander to the regional police headquarters.”

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