Jeans To Let Go In The Coming Months


Jeans is to fashion as water is to fish – we simply can’t live without it; our stylish lives would be incomplete.

Though jeans have become, over the years, a wardrobe staple like the basic white tee it is however a piece that adds a stylish twist to any and every outfit. For this reason, we have found ways to zhush it up to avoid getting bored. To milk out all we can in its continuous evolutionary life, silhouettes have been altered and designs have been infused.

In the coming months, we are going to see another wave of change to the classic jeans, so we should be ready to say our emotional goodbyes to the old to welcome in the new.

These are jeans that you wouldn’t want to be caught wearing in the coming months.

Boyfriend jeans.

boyfriend jeans

Truly these served well. The age old cliché, “what a man can do wear a woman can do wear better” came to play, and we saw females rock these jeans way better than any man we’ve ever seen.

Mom jeans.

mom jeans

We took some time to step into our mother’s shoes trousers, and it paid off. These jeans gave enough room to move around without worrying too much about restrictions. Let’s just say our legs got to breathe a little.



What? No!!! Okay these aren’t off the fashion grid completely, just a variant. The longer version is being replaced by the above-the-ankle-cropped version, so you still get to flaunt your figure ladies, don’t be perturbed.

These silhouettes are being replaced by cropped jeans, kick-flare jeans, flared jeans and fringed jeans. have fun in your new jeans-chapter.

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