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For it is written; a woman’s hair is her glory.

Even though hair is literarily just dead cells sticking out of our scalps, we still want it healthy and that’s why for centuries, we’ve tried to devise solutions: we’ve mixed ingredients from the deepest corners of the earth; consulted oracles; gone on a spell book hunt… tendering to our hair like a mother does to her child.  But when our search is over; when we succeed, what next?

We accessorize! If our ears, nose, neck, waist and ankles deserve to be adorned, so does our hair and here’s proof of how beautiful we’ll look when it’s done…



All hail the TWA’s! A woman who struts around in a TWA with her head held high has the confidence of the gods. Like Lupita Nyongo, add a bit of colour to your hair to make it pop.

Ankara bow headband

ankara headband

What else screams Africa than Ankara? Represent your roots with this cheeky modern twist to the Ankara trend.

Flower halo

flower headband

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

I love flowers; to myself I’d stay true.



When I think of bandana’s I think old-school. 80’s is the new cool, so keep your hair in the trendy loop.   

Flower Brooches

flower broches

This subtly whispers sexy. For the naturalistas, take a cue from the natural hair queen, Solange, and add a bit of sensual character to your locks.

Hair Clips

braid clips

Braids is a black woman’s truest friend. Keep your braids from looking bland by adding clips.

I hope I’ve given enough proof to convince you. Which look do you love?

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