Is Dora ill?

Is Dora ill?

Speculations and rumours have been trailing the health of the pragmatic and dynamic Professor Dora Akunyili for a while. The former DG of NAFDAC has not been seen in social scenes since November, 2013.

Isaac Umunna, SA Media to Prof Dora Akunyili has since dispelled this rumour in January 2014 but these stories of ill health haven’t gone away.

According to a recent post on Daily Post, her husband Chike Akunyili has confirmed she suffered minor health challenges and would soon return to the country.  Akunyili said: “Yes, she suffered some minor health challenges but she is now okay. She is in the United States. I spoke with her today. What happened was that our son said she should come over and rest. You know all our children are abroad’

Yet in a varying report of 23rd March, 2014, The Trent  stated that Dora is currently battling an ailment that has defied diagnosis.  “We are deeply concerned about our sister (Prof. Akunyili), her illness defies medical intervention”, a family source was quoted to have spoken to Trent.

Resting, minor challenge, or serious ailment, we wish our Amazon a sound health and quick recovery

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  1. she should have not taken that ministerial appointment.she did well and made a credible name in NAFDAC.Then she was there for the job not money and fame.When she decided to go famous,urge for makin money sets in,probably she ate an apple in the processe.sorry but get well soon

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