Interpol Chases Human & Drug Traffickers


The International Federation of Police is closing in on drug and human trafficking cartels in Sierra Leone.

The INTERPOL is also working with the world football organization, FIFA to investigate match-fixing scandals featuring prominent football stakeholders in Sierra Leone.

According to informed sources INTERPOL already has “a list of prominent Sierra Leonean football stakeholders” collaborating with local and international drug and human traffickers. 

The football stakeholders, reportedly from one of the football camps in Sierra Leone, were implicated in confessions made by the arrested and detained notorious Malaysian match-fixer and drug kingpin, Jailbird Wilson Raj Perumal, who is currently negotiating a reduced prison term in Ireland by naming his accomplices.

The former Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) presidential aspirant, Mr. Rodney Michael, and his allies are yet to respond to these allegations. 

Unconfirmed reports say that a goalkeeper, a defender and a midfielder are among the INTERPOL probe list for match-fixing related activities.

Additionally the INTERPOL will “undertake major interrogations and arrests” to bring to book and destabilize these cartels portraying Sierra Leone in a bad light.

Sierra Leoneans and the world will have the opportunity to learn through the INTERPOL investigation and findings the “links between drugs, human trafficking and football.

INTERPOL is said to have learnt about plans by their targets to leave the shores of Sierra Leone to dodge due process of the law and is watching the various exit points in and out of the country.

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