In With The New

For some of us, with the New Year comes resolutions, goals, plans, hopes, wishes, whatever you want to call them, if you hate the expression ‘New Year’s resolution.’ The beginning of a New Year is a very great time to think about the changes we want and need to make. And whether we call them New Year’s Resolutions or not, we all have little or massive ways in which we want the coming year to be different, better, truly new, a fresh start.

The practice of setting resolutions for a New Year dates back to ancient Rome. Some records say Babylonians also had this practice. But these days, many of us are skeptical about the whole concept. Perhaps because we have done this before, been at the threshold of a new year, promised ourselves a truly fresh start and we failed. Yet here we are again, voicing or squelching our hopes for the New Year, wondering on some level if we’ll get it right this time around.  These tips can help to make 2014 the year you actually make good on those spoken or unspoken resolutions of yours.

Sit Down

Yes, sit down. Make out time to actually make these resolutions. Don’t wait until you are at the watch night service or you are drinking to the New Year to make resolutions (like I did last year). Do not under any circumstances wait till it is a few minutes to midnight to ‘write it down in your mind’.


During the time you’ve set aside, THINK. Here, we can borrow a leaf from Janus, (who January is named after) a two-faced god who looks backwards into the old year and also forward into the new. It is important to spend time reflecting on the past year. Think about 2013. Think about January, February, March, Easter, Eid el Malud, your birthday. Think about the major things that happened in your life. Think about the things you did right and the ones you could have done better. Think about the major choices that you made or that were made for you. Think about the mistakes you made and what you could have done to prevent them. Think about everything and anything.


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