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I’m a widow in love with a married man, do I give him up?


Dear Dorothy,

Two years after being widowed suddenly at 38, I began an affair with a married man at work.  He is very loving and affectionate and has made me to come alive. However, I cannot help feeling guilty because of his wife and children. Do I give him up no matter how much it will hurt me or do I continue seeing him?

My Dear,

I am sorry to learn that you lost your husband and at such a very young age. Accept my sincere condolence. With regards to your affair with the married man, it is rather unfortunate that you have fallen in love with someone who cannot really belong to you since he already has a wife and children from her. Since it appears you have a conscience, just imagine how one feels when a husband who though living, is not alive to his family due to his involvement with someone outside his marriage.

Your association can only lead to regrets and broken hearts. I would thus ask you to advice the man to please take care of his family and love them. Although giving him up might hurt you, I am certain you will eventually get over it. Time is a great healer.

Be patient and pray, and in time the good Lord will send you someone who is not seriously involved with any woman, who will love you and you will be happy once again.

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