How To Rock A Skirt As A Tomboy


Let’s face it, not every girl is girly. Not every girl wants to look like a princess. Sometimes she just wants to roll like a dude, existing only in baggy clothing. If you’re this girl, this is for you. Being tomboy doesn’t mean rocking a ‘feminine’ piece, like a skirt, should be a style-taboo. Fashion is about making clothes work to your advantage, so let’s help you place the ‘girly’ into your ‘laddish’ lifestyle effortlessly.

Here’s how…

The A-line denim skirt

Good thing this 70’s trend is back. Moving away from the butt-showing-dirty-days, the denim skirt has evolved sanctimoniously, that is, you don’t have to worry about thigh flaunting – it covers up pretty well.

denim skirt

The flare skirt

If baggy is your forte, then the flare skirt is a must-have. It gives enough room to saunter crudely, without worrying about your nonexistence cat-like gait.

Flare skirt

The pencil skirt

This is a tricky one, as it is quite restricting, and screams, ‘very feminine female here’. Nevertheless, paired with a boxy jersey and sneakers gives it a quick boy-fix.

Pencil skirt

Um yes… tomboys can have stylish fun too.


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