How To Get Over Ugly-Feeling Days


Anyone who claims they haven’t at a point in time, experienced feeling ‘ugly’ is either in denial or a Mami Wata. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is rightfully beautiful, however, unlike queen B and Nicki, there are days we look in the mirror and… ugh! Just don’t ‘feel ourselves’. Those are the days we want to crawl and hide under our beds if we could; the days our confidence takes a hiatus, giving us droopy shoulders when we see someone we consider good looking walk past us. Truth is, it happens to the best of us, but it is also true that 90% of the time it’s all in our heads and if not checkmated, could literarily affect torment our lives.

There are ways to get over those days, here they are…

Realize it could all be in your head

Knowing it might just be a psychological gang up gets you half way closer to feeling fly again.

Do something about it

If it’s a real problem and not just the voices in your head, rather than sulk all day, do something about it. Is it an evil pimple? Temporarily cover it up with make-up while trying to clear it up. Is it a bad hair day? A quick fix pony-tail or an updo would do the trick. Whatever the problem, realize there’s always a solution.

Go out in a blaze of hotness

Hiding indoors might be the initial instinctive thing to do… no Bueno! Throw on your best clothes, pile on the mascara, slip your feet into your sexiest stilettos and get out there! Hearing people say you look good could be all the therapy you need to help you snap out of feeling insecure.

Believe you’re beautiful

Conclusively, you hold the reins. It doesn’t matter who tries convincing you otherwise, if you don’t believe it, you can’t be convinced. Stand in front of the mirror and remind yourself of how utterly beautiful you are until you don’t just believe it, but see it.

Smile and be your own kind of beautiful!

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