Men, let us be honest with ourselves. Sometimes, when we think that the woman in our lives are “too much” in love with us, it goes to our heads and before we know it we begin to take them for granted.

This can be a big mistake because my brother, who can fathom the mind of a woman? Who can really predict what her next line of action will be?

When a woman is dating a man for a while there comes a time when she begins to question:

Is he really the love of my life?

Is he the right man for me?

Am I making a mistake?

Why does he treat me like I am nothing to him?

Does he really love me?

Is he just leading me on?

Is he playing with my feelings?

Does he appreciate me?

Am I his one and only?

Is this relationship going to end in marriage?

These are some of the questions that she may ponder from time to time, especially if the relationship has lasted for a while and seems to be going nowhere near the altar of marriage.

I tell you my man, if you have a woman in your life you care about, please don’t toy with her feelings. Since she is special to you, show her that she is, treat her right and don’t make her anxious as to where she stands in her relationship with you. Women are special, they need to be loved right.

Women want to be admired, appreciated, cherished and loved. Are you making the woman in your life feel that you value her and love her? If not, you have to take steps to make the woman you love feel secure in your love for her. You cannot leave her guessing as to where she stands in your affection. If you are making her guess and ask herself some or most of the questions raised at the beginning of this article, you are very likely to lose her as her feelings for you will begin to grow cold and she will distance herself from you.

Make the woman you love feel wanted and needed by you. Make her feel good about herself. Make her feel that she is your one and only, and I can assure you she will go to every length to please you. Let your love be genuine. Never make the woman in your life doubt that you love her if you really do.

If you make her happy, she will give you more happiness. When you make her feel loved, she will reciprocate even more than you can imagine. If you make time for her, she will always love your company, but when you treat her badly, you teach her how to live without you and she just may walk away from the relationship, which is really not what you want because you do love her.






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