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One Direction


one direction

5-boy band One Direction’s album, “Four” has done the impossible. In just one week of its release “FOUR” sold an amazing 387,000 copies! This figure is the second biggest sales by any album in 2014 (that is if Flavour’s touted figure of one million ‘Thankful’ album sales in 5days figure lacks the credibility we feel is missing). “Four” is second only to Taylor Swift’s 1.287 million 1st week sales figure for ‘1989’, and coincidentally, ‘1989’ is the album the group dethroned at the number one spot on Billboard’s 200. Four is the new number one album which is a record breaking feat, because this is the group’s fourth album to top Billboard’s 200, never before done by any other group in history. Congrats guys.

On a Scale of 0 – 10, this Album is a 7.7




We all have something to be thankful for so, I definitely was thankful for Flavour when he released his own fourth album just like one direction did. But I was taken aback when marketers of his album, Obaino music said the artist sold 1 million copies of the album in just 5 days. They had receipts to show for this, but the question still lingers, because if this actually happened then Flavour will only be second to Taylor Swift worldwide in 2014. Let’s assume it happened and his label took the “Master P” option, why has the album not gone platinum?

Don’t get me wrong, if you are going to throw such figures around we’ll definitely need more prove than the receipt Obaino is throwing around, maybe someone in the FIRS office has not gotten wind of this, because when tax officers come down on Obaino, the truth will definitely surface. All the same Congrats Flavour on the release of your fourth album.

On a Scale of 0 – 10, this Album is a 5.2.



St. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson

mocking jay

This movie is set to rule the Nigerian box office just like it is presently ruling in the US. It had a weekend opening of over $194 million USD in the US alone. With a $250 million USD  budget shared with part 2, the figures are definitely in the movies favour and after months of dealing with box office figures below the $100 million USD figures, Mockingjay part 1 has brought back the glory of the box office. One can only, but look forward to part 2.

Mockingjay is the final book on the hunger games trilogy written by Suzzane Collins. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) has survived two hunger games and now she’s found herself in District 13, Katniss advises her to lead the rebellion against Capitol and save Peeta under President Coin’s leadership. With an unconfirmed China release date, box office figures are expected to skyrocket, though might not grab the number one spot globally. It definitely will rule Nigeria’s box office.

And yes, remember to watch out for the new “AVATAR” movie.

On a Scale of 0 – 10, this movie is a 7.2. 


St. John Dumelo, Prince David Osei, et al.

why should I get married

Cindy Johnson (Princess Shyngle) is a young marriage counselor and it’s time for her to marry her sweetheart, Earnest Nonno (John Dumelo), but as fate would have it, this is the time her parents decided to call the marriage quits. What? Why? Earnest Nonno is caught in bed with the wife’s trusted best friend in bed soon after a marriage she almost never went through with… How did she handle it?

Don’t just be caught in the suspense of Cindy’s life, because there are humorous parts to this movie that will make you realize that for all the intrigues in life, there is always a point that’ll get your ribs cracking to fun times.

On a Scale of 0 – 10, this movie is a 4. 


  1. Hunger games (Mockingjay part 1)
  2. 30 Days in Atlanta
  3. Dumb and Dumber To
  4. Snow Piercer
  5. A Place in the Stars


  1. Bank Space – Taylor Swift
  2. Bang Bang – Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj & Jessie J.
  3. Loke Loke – Sean Tizzle ft. 9ice.
  4. The Heart Wants What it wants – Selena Gomez.
  5. Coco baby – Waje & Diamond Platinumz.

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