Hey Guys, Rock a Bag!


By Ngozi Ofere

Just like the ladies, men need bags to put their masculine items in but it isn’t as easy as it seems, while women have a million bags (okay I’m exaggerating) in their closets, guys find it uniquely challenging finding a bag that doesn’t  remind them of female purses. In Europe (France especially) male purses are high fashion staples, but this trend does not translate well to other parts of the world. Let’s just say most guys like being guys through and through.

That being said, there are different non-purse-looking bags that any guy could rock while still holding on – hands and feet – to his masculinity:

The backpack is often preferred to messenger bags especially for carrying heavier loads. It is a two-strapped bag worn over the shoulders. Yes I know this bag has the tendency of looking too causal for certain environments, like your workplace (depending on how ‘professionally strict your workplace is), but for a less formal environment it can do no wrong. There are many designs that look less like a school bag and more of a sophisticated fashion accessory; the drill is finding the right one

The messenger bag is a comfortable strap bag worn over the shoulders and quite similar to a backpack. It was used for transportation of mail and goods, hence its other name – ‘courier bag’, however it has been infused into urban fashion and is now a fashion accessory to identify with. The pros of this bag is its easy content accessibility, while the con is the ability for cheaper quality bags to look too college-y

The tote bag is a hand held bag with handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. Most men find this bag a little awkward to carry and may want to pass by it while bag shopping, but before you do, carrying an open-top tote looks less girly. When you get past the awkward stage you will find that they are very roomy and easy to handle. The pros of this bag is carrying it on your hand takes the pressure off your shoulders and gives it a break, while the con is its tendency to look a little feminine (a little).

The briefcase is a more traditional and professional way of carrying your belongings. It is appropriate for office use to carry papers and documents.  Briefcases have however evolved from the hard-shelled cases of our grandfather’s time to a softer case like leather. The con of the briefcase is its overly professional look, but in case you plan to use it outside the office, they come with shoulder straps (pros) that u can sling around your shoulders like a messenger bag.

The duffle bag or gym bag is a cylindrical bag made out of cloth mostly used to carry sport equipments or gym items. It does not have the sophisticated look of the other type of bags, but is not necessarily boring. It can also be used as a multi-purpose bag especially when you plan to shuffle between work, home and the gym; it’s easy to carry around.

Gone are those days were men were stuck with briefcases, backpacks and pockets, there are several other options to try out without being a bag hoarder (except you’re a diva). Yes “what men can do women can do better” but for women to do better, men have to do! So happy bag-shopping guys.

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