Guys React To The Important Make-Up Question


Make-up has seen its fair share of evolution. 

Who needs plastic surgery? Today, make-up-and-over has the ability to make you look like a totally different person, just ask Instagram celebrity makeup artist, Poalo Ballesteros – a bit of contouring here and there, some highlighting, and… voila! Who are you again?. But its transformative abilities, believe it or not, seems to be canker-worming its way through “I do’s” and ‘happily ever after’s’ with men taking drastic solace in the legal system to sue or end their matrimonies to ‘deception’ a.k.a wives.

We ventured into the streets of Lagos for some vox pop, to ask: “What will your reaction be if your wife, make-up free, looks like a totally different person?” Here are some answers we got.


Well I’m not married yet, but I believe if one gets married, physical appearance should be the least of the problem. You marry the person’s character not what they look like, so finding out the person looks different make-up free shouldn’t move you much.


Women should stop deceiving us with this rubbish they call make-up. Before I date her (not even marry oo), we’ll go swimming or I’ll take her for baptism, by the time they dip her in water 3 times, I’ll see the real her.


Did you see the before and after picture of the wife whose story went viral after her husband sued her for fraud and ‘psychological suffering’. Hmm, very deep oo! She didn’t look like the same person at all. Ah! To be honest I don’t know. What can i do? My own is, she should just wear make-up 24/7 she’ll finish what she started.


Shoo! Why I go marry person wey I no go know wetin e resemble naa? She no go clean face? Abeg I no stupid reach that level. Before I marry am, she go clean all that thing wey dem dey rub for face, clean am commot.

Make-up no doubt is here to stay, just deal with it guys. 

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