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Guys, 5 Ways To Avoid The “All Is Well” Bug


He sees his prey, he moves in for the kill; slowly, scrupulously, he spoils his prey into acceptance and then… it’s all downhill-bleh from then on.

This defines the relationship of most. It sparks the question: is it a guy thing to just not put in as much effort once in a relationship as he did during the ‘chase’ or is it a nature thing to relax once your ‘goal’ is achieved? Whatever the case is, we are sure no woman wants her man crossing his legs like ‘all is well’ when he should be loving her to bits, so guys here are 5 things women still want you to doing.

Communicate often

When your communication goes from 100 – 0 real quick, you have a problem on your hands. Communication is key, so you have to keep it, verbally and non-verbally, thriving. Express your feelings; don’t bottle it all in. Except you possess Mr. Bean’s ability to communicate without words, talk to her often – the same way you did pre-relationship and put in effort to not just hear her, but listen.

Go on dates

When you tried impressing her, you took her to nice, expensive restaurants… might even have borrowed for that – which we strongly advice against. The good news is; you are done trying to impress, instead, your aim should be expressing your love and a meagre detail as ‘the venue’ is inconsequential. It could be the park, a road side restaurant – aka mama put –or a grandiose-looking one, as long as your heart is in the right place, it’ll be perfect either way.

Give gifts… just because

It is easy to give gifts when something is up; birthdays, love days (St. Valentine on behalf of all women, thanks!), religious holidays, and so on, plus it saves cost and mental torture trying to think of the perfect gift. However, giving gifts – no matter the size or cost – when it is unexpected could get you love bonuses. It’s a win-win!

Surprise her

Falling into a routine, ignoring the little, but important, details and getting too comfortable can be telltale signs of a malfunctioning relationship. You can fix that by doing something you usually don’t do; cook for her, or watch the Telemundo channel you hate so much with her. It’s just about the surprise element and surprising them in a good way.

Tell her she’s beautiful

She does care what you think about her physically. So don’t let her down, tell her she’s beautiful every chance you get, and mean it; don’t say it pretentiously.

Just love her!

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