Governor Amosun Carpets Deputy’s Allegations


The intrigues of Ogun politics is an amusing one as Governor Amosun has  tactically carpeted  the spurious allegations levied against him by his deputy.
Two weeks back, the deputy governor of Ogun state, Mr. Segun Adesegun made headlines when his private letter to Ogun state governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun spread all over the media, the deputy governor in his letter levelled series of allegation against his boss, revealing some bad treatment he has received from him, even as the no 2 man in the state.

It was a blazing headline on the front pages of major newspapers in the country, including The Punch newspaper of 29 October, 2014. ‘’Deputy Gov. Sends stinker to Amosun’’; that was The Punch’s headline. It was a whole catalog of allegations by Mr. Segun Adesegun, the deputy governor about the perquisites of his office, lateness in payment of some bills, denial of some, inadequacy of appropriate cars, and of his house not being on the state’s power plant .

Few days back, popular columnist, Tunde Fagbenle was received by the Ogun governor in his office at Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta and according to Fagbenle in his column, since the public has heard Adesegun’s side hearing the other side becomes necessary.

According to him, ” that got me to take up a long standing invitation to visit Senator Ibikunle Amosun, the governor of Ogun. when I met Amosun and confronted him with the hot from the newsreel’’ ‘’scandal’’ of his deputy’s stinker on Amosun’s inappropriate meanness and high- handedness, the governor was torn between giving a response and waiving it off for us to get to other more important issues.

“Egbon,” he said choosing his words, “it’s not something I want to dignify with any response, this is not a divided government and being dragged into joining issues will not be right, he remains the no 2 man in the government and it is important to respect both the office and the person occupying it. That much I have told everybody but out of respect to you and the trouble you have taken to come over, I will give you access to the relevant officials and their records for each and every allegation worthy of your interest. Thereafter you can make your own judgment.”

Evidence was provided to show that Mr. Adesegun has to date been allocated 12 vehicles, nine of which were given to him as brand new, it has never been used, those included four jeeps, a Toyota land cruiser, three Prado sport utility vehicles, one Hiace bus and five Hilux vans, the last of the Prado Suvs was supplied in July this year 2014. The man in charge of supplying diesels and petrol came up and showed evidence of regular weekly or fortnightly supplies signed for at the deputy governor’s residence along with those of several other officers.

It was also evidence that no office in government had collected running cost, beyond that of July 2014, meaning at the time of complaint it was only one month’s allowance that was outstanding, not just for the Deputy Governor  alone but for all. The emphasis of government, the finance person said, is on regular payment of salaries.

On portfolio, Fagbenle was informed that the Deputy Governor has been saddled with a lot of responsibility. He is the chairman of the state boundary committee in charge of various special projects and frequently represents the governor at meetings of the National Economic Council, Nigeria Governor’s Forum and council of state, more than any other Deputy Governor  in the country. 

Where then lies the truth and the false? Clearly, some of the records brought up could not have been hurriedly concocted, as they were within readily available

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