Atypical Discourse with Bimbola: Glittering Life…‎With Dotun Salam‎

So Dotun Salam wrote this significant piece, enjoy it.
Every individual desires to leave a good and memorable legacy behind when they are no longer around, but few achieve this stand.
It is pertinent to man to be conscious of what other people thinks about them. But the only cluster an average human being is yet to figure out is how to guide peoples’ thought about them. Some find it difficult to make their true essence known, however they desire to live, enjoy and maintain life of an icon to reckon.
See…You are the one that determines the account that is going to be made of you when you are not present and this is based on the way you lived your life. After anybody’s demise, human naturally want to remember/talk about good (bad) memories of that person. 
If all that could be remembered about you is how you slapped the young lady that jumped the queue at the grocery store or how no one could dare stand to relax behind your fence lest you call on “REX” your Dog to lay ambush on that fellow. Be wary!
Never allow your presence be a reason for the exit of another person’s happiness. The true essence of life is felt in the lives we are able to touch. Resolve to be a blessing to at least one person each day. Set out on a mission to put smile on a face every day. 
Ask your driver/co-passenger “how are you doing?” and mean it.
Say “Hello” to your secretary. Say good things to the stranger you met on the road, be nice to that little baby crying on the street. Be the reason for someone’s JOY.
Do a thorough PERSONALITY check today and try and make essential adjustments. It does not end in your raise to live a life of glamour, it does end when their is nothing good to say about you after your demise. 
Every dawn is a gift to reinstate the old ruins, it can never be too late to do GOOD.
Live as though you are going to leave soon. Endeavour  to leave behind a GOOD LEGACY.  Life is BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy a GLITTERY LIFE.
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