Gent’s Summers Date


The Summer’s Date Ensemble

Summer is a time for romance where the words “oh la la” are on one’s lips as if they are in France. So why not take a chance on love – but you must look the part before venturing out on a first date as first impressions are very important.

In this ensemble we dare you to be bold and make a resounding statement with pink trousers. This says you are not afraid to embrace your feminine side. Yet the vibrancy of the pink is complemented by the coolness of the blue to portray a balanced look. The blue shirt itself is made of paisley patterns – this pattern feels luxurious, and is commonly worn during the summer months but you could equally pull it off in winter if worn properly.

For footwear, why not opt for an iconic pair of boat shoes which are characteristic of preppy summer fashion. Still on prep style, a silk cravat has been known to transform the most mundane looking outfits into something fashionable, and here it comes in pink to complement the trousers. Note that due to the pattern on the shirt, the cravat is purposefully a plain fabric.  

A wrist watch is essential to every gent’s look and here I am sporting a lovely stainless steel chronograph wristwatch made by Edifice Casio. A very versatile wristwatch as it can be paired with almost any ensemble excluding white and black tie.

The leather and cotton fabric briefcase adds an element of maturity to the look and lets your date know that you are sophisticated yet stylish. The colours seamlessly rhyme with the red and blue boat shoes, as well as the pink and blue of trousers and shirt.

The last of all important accessories to be mentioned is the aviator sunglasses which is edgy and gives an air of mystery which fosters curiosity and ultimately the most important part of any date – conversation.

Overall, this look speaks volumes of youth, vibrancy, sophistication and charm. So what are you waiting for? Go take a chance on love and with an outfit like this you are bound to make a lasting impression.

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