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Gent’s Gardening/Garden Party Ensemble.


All white? That’s right for when it comes to any soirée in the garden, that’s the preferred colour of choice. Effortlessly neutral white makes you stand out admits the multi-coloured nature of even the most outstanding gardens and as such it creates enormous room to combine coloured accessories into one’s ensemble. Take for instance; here on my neck is a lovely silk cravat which has been deceptively knotted into a neck scarf. The burgundy/purplish nature of the scarf is compliments the brown coloured silk pocket square as well as and burnt orange of the fabric on the hardback notebook. These muted colours were carefully chosen to pacify the brilliance of white to give off an overall balanced ensemble. The Panama hat itself is one accessory that makes the outfit for it epitomizes the practicality of an outdoor summer activity as it assuages the effects of the sun’s heat as well as makes one come across as more stylish and sophisticated. The last of the accessories epitomizes the rugged side of gardening with our field watch which comes in a stainless steel bezel and tan leather ban which equally compliments the pocket square and palm slippers

Gardening itself is a relaxing activity for it accords on one the aesthetic pleasures of nature’s wild beauty which by one’s doing has been tamed yet nurtured through pruning shares and watering kettle, as the plants nestle docilely in their different flower beds. Put the gardening tools away and you instantly and throw in the aforementioned accessories (excluding the book of course) and you get a debonair gentleman ready to charm his ways through a myriad of guests at a garden party. Mind you whilst in the gardening mode of dressing, I recommend that the gentleman rolls up his sleeves and save the cufflinks for the garden party. In terms of footwear, due to the casual as well as outdoors nature of both functions it is acceptable to put on a pair of leather palm slippers which are simple yet elegant and mature. In the end you have yourself looking like someone out of a fashion brochure and our captivating looks makes you only want more.


Written by: Cmex, the Rare and Debonair Gentleman

Photo credit: Alberto Micheletti

Shoot Location: St Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

Model: Cmex, the rare and debonair gentleman.


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