Gent’s Advent/Lenten Ensemble…Purple is solemnly regal


Purple is the default colour of both the advent and Lenten seasons in Christianity known for joyful expectation and sober reflection respectively. These two attributes are aptly represented by this ensemble. For instance, the light purple of the shirt depicts a cheerful and upbeat mood conversely; the deep purple of the trousers depicts an ambiance of introspection meanwhile portraying themes of opulence and luxury. Both shades of purple are harmoniously blended together by the navy blue waistcoat.

A fashionista is not one to shy away from accessories but they must be paired aptly or else you may just wreck your ensemble. Beginning with the silk purple polka dot cravat, this shade of purple is known as magenta characterized by its “reddish-purplish” appearance. Its reddish tinge that makes it stand out is truly a statement piece in this ensemble due to its hue and bold polka dot patterns. Another statement piece here is the briefcase whose colours are a portrayal of the unifying colours of the waistcoat (navy blue) and cravat (magenta) respectively. Therefore, it simultaneously acts as a harmonising agent in the look as well as adding an air of sophistication.

The third statement piece in this ensemble is the white afrocentric hat. Its perforated nature gives the look an edgy appeal. This ambiance of edginess and machismo is augmented by the aviator shades and the well groomed beard. Alternatively, the triple package of broach, pen and pocket watch re-instates an ambiance of sophistication. This balance of sophistication and ruggedness is an emblem of our brand. So we have analysed this ensemble but left out one statement piece which we knowingly saved for last. This is the vibrant light pink socks!! Strikingly visible, it lights up the entire ensemble from the ground up. Subtly hidden by the deep purple trousers, which are folded up to reveal this ensemble defining accessory. Lastly, conservative black cap-toed shoes blend well with the whole look and equally add an air of sophistication.

There you have it, the gent’s Advent/Lenten ensemble brought to you by The Rare and Debonair Gentleman where we have male fashion tips to share to help put your style into gear. Hope we made that clear!


Written by: Cmex, The Rare and Debonair Gentleman

Photo credit: Sophia Lara Stafierro

Shoot Location: London, United Kingdom.

Model: Cmex the rare and debonair gentleman.

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