Gen Umaru Urges New Theater Commander To End Insurgency


The outgoing Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj-Gen.Umaru Hassan, has tasked his successor, Maj-Gen. Lucky Irabor to end Boko Haram insurgency and terrorism in the North-East and bring a long lasting peace.

Major General Hassan gave challenges on Thursday during the “handing over the affairs of the theater at the Maimalari Cantonment Theatre Command Conference Hall, Maiduguri.

He said that the duty of Theatre Commander under Operation Lafiya Dole was to ensure that the military troops are assisted to win the war against Boko Haram insurgency and terrorisms and restore peace in the country.

He said: “The incoming Theatre Commander, Maj-Gen. Ibrabor is not new in the theatre of war; as was highlighted by General Abdulsalam.

He was the author that set up this headquarters and by the grace of God; he started as the deputy Theatre Commander and now Theatre Commander.”

“I think that is a very big feat which should be highly commended. The operation in the last five or six months has been highly successful with thanks to corps of officers here; and a good number of them that are in the frontline”, he added

He said that all these successes would not have been made without the efforts of the troops, urging that they should continue and support the incoming theatre commander as much as possible.

“I personally enjoy your cooperation and I believe that they will extend same to the incoming Theatre Commander,” said Hassan.

On challenges of incoming Commander, he said: “With all the challenges we had been facing in this operation, I still believe and feel there is hope that we must succeed in this operation. It is with your own effort now that I think we’ll continue to work in liaison with you so that this war against terror comes to an end.

He said the high and low points of operation; include the dislodgement of insurgents in many areas of Borno state, while there were instances where troops and good people of Borno state suffer a lot of losses in terms of equipment and personnel.

He said that the military have strategized adequately with the hope that all these things will now be in the past,

While taking over the affairs of command; the incoming Theatre Commander, Maj-Gen. Irabor said that he was privileged to learn a lot from the leadership style of his predecessor.

“I’m continuing with the war along with the ones that supported me during the past three months. All I can say now is for the officers, the commanders, the staff officers; I’ll crave their understanding and support to end this Boko Haram insurgency in the Northeast,” said

Irabor, said his he will continue from where his predecessor stop, adding that to achieve this goal, members of the general public and the media should fully “support and cooperate” with the military in ending this war for peace and unity.

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