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Family Reports Missing Pregnancy to Police


The relatives of a heavily pregnant got suspicious when overnight they noticed she had lost the pregnancy without a baby to show for it.
It turned out, following a report to the police, that the new mum with a friend serving as go-between, had sold her child for K3,000 to a Lusaka businessman, one Goodson Malunga.
The new mum, Patricia Nyangu of Chitope area in Senior Chief Mburuma’s area, whose husband is in jail and is suspected to have been impregnated by another man, reportedly gave birth on January 31, 2015.
Prior to that her bosom friend, Yulani Nyangu, who acted as midwife during her delivery in the bush, had taken a K1,500 down payment for the baby. The balance was paid on delivery which happened the next day February 1.
The Police in Luangwa District of Zambia have since arrested Patricia and her friend.
Luangwa District Commissioner Eunie Mumba who confirmed the arrest on Thursday said Patricia sold her newly born baby to Goodson Malunga who later took the baby to Lusaka.
Mr Mumba said Malunga bought the baby from Patricia on January 31, this year, in a transaction that started in December last year.
“Malunga had approached Yulani Nyangu, a friend to Patricia to convince her to sell the baby when it is born. Yulani was given a down payment of K1,500 by Malunga to convince Patricia sell the baby to him after giving birth and the other K1,500 to be paid after getting the baby.”
Mr Mumba said that on January, 31, 2015 Patricia gave birth with the help of Yulani in the bush at around 21:00 hours.
“Malunga then picked the baby on February 1, 2015 and left for Lusaka.”
Meanwhile, sources at Luangwa Police Station said two other people have also been arrested in connection with the scandal.
The baby has however not been retrieved.
Police sources said the incident was reported to Chitope Police Post by Patricia’s relatives who became suspicious after seeing that the pregnancy had disappeared.
Patricia’s husband is serving a jail sentence and she is believed to have been impregnated by another man.

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