Erm… What Is It About Wiz Khalifa’s Pants? #WizWearsCoolPants


There’s definitely no love lost on twitter streets this year.

This year began with celebrities hauling brick-words at each other, or in some cases, just one party doing the hauling (we spot you egbon Olamide). Unfortunately these online altercations haven’t dissipated just yet, so we’ll just hold on to our popcorn and drinks.

Yesterday, Kanye West went in on Wiz Khalifa for using his wife’s initials, KK, which unknown to him carried a more illegal meaning. We nonetheless are more concerned with Kanye confessing to liking Khalifa’s pants.

Our curiosity took a toll on us and we sort to find out why Ye was such a huge fan of his pants… we didn’t come up empty.

You might love them too…

One thing is certain, Khalifa is definitely a fan of skinny pants.

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