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St. David Oyelowo, Oprah Winfrey, Carmen Ejogo


Epic March from Selma to Montgomery.

Selma is the story of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr and his movements historic 54 mile five days walk from Selma to Montgomery for voting rights in 1965.

Though, David Oyelewo failed to grab an award for his efforts in this movie, this movie did not disappoint at all with 4 nominations at the golden globes and two at the academy awards.  The female director, Ava Duvernay did an amazing job with the movie but she didn’t get nominated too. As a fan of Nigeria brains, I believe our own Kemi Adetiba would pretty soon be nominated at the academy awards; maybe as the first black female director. Who is she? Google the name. Thanks.


St. Channing Tatum


With American Sniper still ruling the cinemas internationally, Jupiter Ascending comes into our radar this weekend. In Nigeria, 40 Days in Atlanta still has the record breaking figures, but movie lovers in the most populous black nation in the world has opted to see this movie over others; be it in 3D or 2D.

Shooting an important movie scene in the greyness of Chicago can bit of a challenge, but when it was chosen Wachowskis knew building an alien camera (built by pictorvision) would be the only way to succeed. So, when you visit the cinemas this weekend, make sure you watch out for the aerial shots. I thought I’d seen the best of make-belief Channing Tatum, but this movie wowed me again and again.



Nicki Minaj ft. Drake Li’l Wayne


Nicki Minaj bought this song off Mally Mal, added her own verse and added a bit of Li’l Wayne,  she also refused to drop Drake’s verse and what do we have? A Billboard Hot 100 track for 2 consecutive weeks!

Oh! What does Truffle butter mean? Definitely not for kids. So, shut the eyes of kids if you are going to read the next few lines…. Are you ready? Truffle butter is the slang used to denote the weird fluid released during a “wild” session of sex.


Cobhams ft. Bez Idakula

do the right thing

I am one of those who early in 2014 said, “Everyday people is one of the songs that will rule the year.” And with Cobhams already working on the video for everyday people, I can brag that, “I said so!”. He has dropped another one, this time he calls it, “Do the right thing” and he featured the amazing  Bez Idakula on the track. With Nigerians looking forward to an election that might CHANGE the course of the nation in a week, then this song is definitely timely. And don’t just stare at my words. Go Get Your copy of the song!

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