As the saying goes: “Love makes they world go round.” And I would like to add that it is “romance that oils the wheel of love”. I have observed that when couples are courting, they are very romantic towards each other but when they get married, within two to three years most of these love birds do not act romantic towards one another. They tend to take each other for granted. Gone are the holding of hands, the stolen kisses, the spontaneous hugs, the occasional surprise gifts, the bathing together, etc. The pet names are now used perfunctorily. If they go out for a wedding or a party, the husband no longer opens up the car door for his wife, etc.

Before you can spell marriage, they couple now are just married partners relating to each other like robots. Even making love is not a romantic occasion but a means to douse their animal passions. Before you know it, that pretty damsel who had stars in her eyes, and makes up and dresses to the nines to dazzle her knight in shining armour now no longer takes the time to look after herself. The same goes for her knight. What a sad state of affairs!

Romance my dear readers is what keeps love alive and fun. Your love life should not fall into a rut just because you are now married. It is also a sad state of affairs in our society that a man who is in any way romantic towards his wife is sometimes looked upon as if his wife has got him under some sort of unholy spell. If you are a man who is romantic towards your spouse, KEEP ON! Don’t mind what people say, they are just envious.

In your relationship with your loved one, do not let the romance grow cold. Keep stoking the fire of your love with romantic gestures. Romance is fun. Yes, great fun! Think back to your courtship days and what fun you both had been romantic towards each other. Don’t let the routine and responsibilities of married life kill off the romance in your relationship. Take all necessary steps to rekindle the fire of your love. Be romantic!

By Charles Anyiam-Osigwe.

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